Eileen Zara

Eileen | Food & Events Director

Eileen Zara is the Food & Events Director at Project-Captured. She believes in surrounding herself in the arts, rooted in culinary and music experiences. This love is mutually exclusive and Chicago gives her more than enough chances to immerse herself in the beautiful chaos. Great music is timeless and great food is a goldmine. She loves discovering new bands and places to eat, so if you invite her to a restaurant or a show… she’s there!

Eileen is a graduate of DePaul University with a degree in Marketing. Having taken on an intensive research & analysis course load, she has a deep interest in the refinement of understanding through exploration. In her free time she enjoys crate digging and is in the process of reorganizing her vinyl collection in autobiographical order, as referenced in the filmed-in-Chicago movie High Fidelity.

Her favorite ice cream is black raspberry chocolate chunk. Curious to know from where? Ask her!

Eileen’s “I am, I do, I like, and I want” Statement:

I AM truly a believer in that the best way to get to know people is through food.

I DO wish to explore the world someday. But until then, I examine the magic of what’s around me now… gaining an understanding of people, their passions, and their every day.

I LIKE being one of Chicago’s countless fans.

I WANT Project-Captured to be a stomping ground for the inspired. Every encounter is a source of inspiration and contributing is only the beginning.

Eileen – Images by Christopher Free