Mara Maddocks

Mara Maddocks is the Food Promotions Lead and Journalist at Project Captured.  She believes that emotion and passion can be expressed through food just as in any other form of art. She is in love with the city of Chicago and can convince you why it is becoming the culinary capitol of Western civilization. One of her favorite things to do is dress up and spend a night exploring gastronomic delights with a like-minded date. She has recently had divine culinary inspiration on a back-to-back trip to Paris and Mumbai; claiming religious experiences with both foie gras and lamb vindaloo.


Mara has a diverse educational background; having studied political science at Arizona State University, Hospitality and Tourism at Chicago’s own Roosevelt University, and English at Indiana University.  Mara is co-owner of the home décor retailer and design firm House of KYM. When she isn’t designing or writing about food, she enjoys singing, playing and listening to music, golfing, cooking, antiquing, and traveling.


Her favorite ice cream flavor is cookies & cream!


Mara’s “I am, I do, I like, and I want” Statement:

I AM a true Renaissance cartoon porn woman, and an eternal optimist.

I DO live life to the fullest, every day.

I LIKE  milf porn to play 20 questions. I am naturally curious and want to know everything about everyone I meet.

I WANT to learn something new every day. I hope that I can spread knowledge to those around me through my writing and my lesbian videos work with Project Captured.



“The question isn’t “what are we going to do?”, the question is “what lesbian porn aren’t we going to do?”