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It is with great honor that we present to you our Admirable Woman of the month, Lynn McMahan. Lynn is one of the most admirable, genuine and sweet women I have every met. Originally from St. Charles, Illinois, Lynn McMahan found herself introduced to the world of modeling at a young age. Lynn, however, grew increasingly curious about the other side of the industry and became an agent. After learning the ropes of the business, she saw an untapped niche in the industry which led her to open her own agency that specifically represented stylists, makeup artists and photographers.

Lynn then came to a turning point in her life when she met her husband John: “I suddenly had a combined household with four kids, two cats, and lots of transitions.” After settling into her new life and marriage, Lynn decided to change gears and opened Trinity Development, a boutique green-development real estate company. Having traveled extensively, Lynn developed an eye for architecture and design, which she incorporated into her company’s sustainable and environmentally friendly practices and products.

While Lynn’s interests have always been in the world of fashion, travel, music and real estate, she is an avid environmentalist and involved in many philanthropic efforts, serving on the boards of The Chicago Academy for the Arts, The Gene Siskel Film Center, The Service Club of Chicago, and The English-Speaking Union. Lynn was also used to write a monthly column for Today’s Chicago Woman, and as a result of her expertise in green living, she has been featured on television and at speaking engagements on the subject of sustainable building and development.


PJC: What is one word that would describe you lesbian videos and your personality?

LM: Positive.


PJC: How did you get started in your current profession?

LM: I have always been an entrepreneur at heart and I love the business world. My father always dabbled in real estate and I watched him buy and sell property even though that wasn’t his profession. Since childhood I’ve had a keen interest in the décor and design of homes.


PJC: Who are some of the people that you admire and have inspired you?

LM: My father was such an inspiration because he had such a joyful outlook on life, worked very hard and was successful yet humble. Oprah Winfrey is someone who has taught many people to take care of themselves, think positively and go for their dreams…she is a hero!

PJC: What are some of the greatest obstacles you’ve had to overcome on your journey towards attaining success?


LM: I, as a perfectionist, try to handle too much at one time. When my children were small, I had a busy career and very little help and no child support from my ex—it was tough. I believe that being a single mom is the hardest job in the world if you don’t have the support you need. However, optimism, hard work and persistence enabled me to overcome these obstacles.

PJC: What does “success” mean to you?

LM: Maintaining a state of balance and peace in any circumstance is success.

PJC: What is your favorite thing about Chicago?

LM: My friends, the summer and the lakefront.

PJC: What are your favorite places to eat in the city?

LM: RL—it’s usually like a party because you see so many people you know there and the service and food milf porn are impeccable!

PJC: What are your favorite places to shop in Chicago?

LM: Neiman’s, Saks, Barneys and J. Crew are great because I have established relationships—the customer service is great and they have or will find all the latest and greatest fashions for you. The Ralph Lauren store is perfection: beautiful, well maintained and has great inventory. It’s the most visually appealing shopping experience in Chicago.

 What type of music do you like?


LM: I love music with a passion and play it all the time in my home, car, or hotel when traveling. I usually listen to pop, hip hop, or alternative depending on my mood. It’s hard to pick absolute favorites because there are so many talented people in music…Cristina Perry, Kings of Leon, Nelly, Justin Timberlake, The Kills, Beyoncé and B.O.B. Oldies are forever great, like Bowie or the Stones, and there are too many jazz musicians to list.

PJC: What are three of your favorite books?

LM: The AlchemistJonathon Livingston Seagull and Les Miserables have all touched my heart in special ways.



PJC: What are some of the universal laws you personally live by and that carry you through each day?

LM: Live with a spirit of gratitude despite circumstances, BUT always follow your dreams and know that circumstances can change.

PJC: What advice would you give to hot lesbian porn those who are currently on the path of pursuing their dreams and attaining their own success?

LM: Visualize, believe and receive…then be grateful.



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  • Scollin6

    Lynn and I have been friends since 4th grade.  She has always been sweet, kind and ambitious but always was nude celebrities down to earth and I’m happy to see her success hasn’t changed that. You look beautiful Lynn and I love ya….Sheila

  • Scollin6

    Lynn and I have been friends since 4th grade.  She has always been
    sweet, kind and ambitious but always was down to earth and I’m happy to
    see her success hasn’t changed that. You look beautiful Lynn and I love

  • Tracy Scurto

    Beautiful lady…Beautiful soul…wonderful friend!