Nas cartoon porn videos Delivers a Classic Album Once Again

Nas’ latest record “Life is Good” is reminiscent of his classic album “Illmatic.” All that encompasses the golden age era of hip-hop can be found on this album. “Life is Good” contains a meticulously knit and layered fusion of powerful head-rocking beats including, but not limited to: classic boom-baps, orchestral string undertones, blaring horns, soulful samples, soft keys, smooth jazz melodies and pounding drums.

Nas elaborates on the title and explains,

“A couple of years ago, I just started to really appreciate the opportunities that I’ve had, the places that I’ve traveled and the people I met and just the life that God gave me. So I felt like ‘life is good’ was a positive message that we should just say to each other during such challenging times. Just have to remember the important things, you know?”

The message of positivity and resilience during troubling times can be observed to be the foundation of the album’s core philosophy. He further explains in an interview,

“On my first lesbian videos album, I said “life’s a bitch,” now I’m saying ‘life is good.’ That just shows you my journey has been peaks and valleys, ups and downs, obstacles, fun, all kinds of things that brought me to this place.”

Nas manages to tell about those internal and external conflicts, as well as the rewards life had to offer him through reflective, thought provoking lyrics with great delivery, flawless flow, and masterfully crafted beats.