Get the Look: Valentine’s Date Night

Many of you ladies are getting ready to spend Valentine’s day with that special someone in your lives. So, I’d like to share some of my favorite skincare and makeup products to help you get the perfect flirty and romantic look for the occasion.
I have always firmly believed that every beauty regimen should start off with the right skin care regimen. We spend so much money on clothes and shoes, and then opt to tighten our pockets when it comes to our skin. However, if you take care to invest in your skin first, then you won’t need to spend the extra money to cover it all up with pounds of makeup. And while trends come and go, you’ll always have your skin.

Quality doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank. Evenhealy is a wonderful organic skin care line developed by holistic aesthetician Evan Healy. The following are my favorite essentials:

Rose Vetiver Day Moisturizer: $38.95 (1.4 oz)
Perfect for all skin types, with nurturing essential oils of vetiver, carrot seed and rose geranium, along with deeply moisturizing sunflower, jojoba and argan plant and seed oils, leaving your skin velvety soft with a subtle luminous glow.

Blue Chamomile Day Moisturizer: $38.95 (1.4 oz)
Ideal for sensitive, dry or irritated skin types with essential oils of blue chamomile, lavender and immortelle, along with deeply moisturizing sunflower, jojoba and argan plant and seed oils, leaving your skin velvety soft with a subtle luminous glow.

Chamomile Eye Care Cream: $31.95 (0.5 oz)
I had been on the hunt for the best eye cream for years, one that would be sufficiently hydrating and soothing; I had no luck even while working behind the counter in the cosmetics department of a high-end retail department store…and trust me, I’ve tried just about everything. But then one day, I came across this one and it changed my life. Organic chamomile and lavender essential oils relax and release tension as organic chrysanthemum soothes this delicate area, while Himalayan Sea Buckthorn oil nourishes, protects and revitalizes. It also helps to reduce puffiness and brightens dark circles.

The entire line can be found at your local Whole Foods or online at

If you’re willing to spend a little extra, I really recommend La Mer’s Creme de la Mer. It’s an especially great investment for these winter months, when our skin is prone to excessive dryness.

Creme milf porn de la Mer Moisturizing Cream: $140.00 (1 oz)
Developed 40 years ago by aerospace physicist Dr. Max Huber in an attempt to heal the appearance of scars, this deeply hydrating cream not only delivers a surge of moisture but refines and diminishes the appearance of wrinkles. The secret behind this “miracle worker” rests in the healing properties of the sea kelp and bio-fermentation process which Huber helped pioneer in skin care.

You nude celebrities can find it online at

When it comes to makeup, I like to keep things as simple as possible, but I still believe in using quality products. Instead of piling on the makeup ladies, stick to using the right products in order to highlight your natural beauty. I mean–and I think most men will agree with me here–who really wants to wake up next to an entirely different face? Below are some of my favorite products in order to create the perfect romantic look for a special night out:


CHANEL Inimitable Mascara Multi-Dimensional: $30.00
As all of my girl friends know, I’ve sworn by Dior’s Diorshow mascara for years. That is until I came across the Inimitable. I believe that the secret to a good mascara actually rests in the brush, and this one is perfect for all lash types. It curls, plumps and lenghtens in one swoop, perfectly separating and defining lashes without leaving behind any clumps. Ladies, say hello to flirty eyes.

Lancome Le Crayon Khôl: $25.50
This honestly is an amazing value for unbelievable quality. You would think a pencil is a pencil. But, no, no it’s not. I use this eye liner nearly every day and it easily lasts me 2 years. Putting on eye liner is also one of the most daunting tasks for women when it comes to doing their makeup, but this smooth, creamy pencil makes creating the perfect line super easy! Just smudge with an angled brush and you’ll be able to have sexy, smoldering eyes in no time.

Dior ’5 Couleurs–New Look Eyeshadow Palette in “Royal Khaki”: $59.00
What I love about this palette is that you have 5 basic neutrals–from vanilla to charcoal–to play with, conveniently all in one place! With a mix of matte, iridescent and satiny shades, you have everything you’d possibly need in order to create the perfect smokey eye. cartoon porn videos Or, if you want to keep things simple, simply sweep some of the vanilla all over your eye lid to your brow followed up with a little of the brownish-bronze (a universally flattering color) on the lid, draw a cat eye with your kohl pencil, throw on some mascara and you’re good to go. It’s just one of those essentials that you’ll use over and over again, for any occasion.


CHANEL Blush Duo Tweed Effect: $45.00
Inspired by the iconic CHANEL tweed fabric, this blush duo comes in several different shades, all with golden flecks and two sheer, contrasting pigments “woven” together to create a natural luminous glow.


Dior ‘Addict’ Lipstick in “New Look”: $28.00
A bright pout is, of course, a must when it comes to the perfect Valentine’s look. The “Addict” line comes in a variety of luscious shades, but I think that this one is one of the most versatile and flattering. What I love about this particular line is how hydrating it is…and we all know how important that is when it comes to a kissable pout.

Dior ‘Addict’ Ultra Gloss in “Apricot Cloche”: $26.50
If you’re color shy or prefer gloss, than th lesbian videos is product is a great alternative. And the best part is that, unlike most glosses, it is NOT sticky or goopy…a major no-no when it comes to kissing time.


Bobbi Brown Face Touch-Up Stick: $23.00
I absolutely love this product–it’s one of the few I use pretty much every single day. The creamy, full-coverage formula will conceal all of your imperfections, redness or blemishes without drying out or irritating your skin. And it’s never cakey or streaky, but blends right into your skin so that no one will ever tell that you’re wearing any coverage.

Bare Escentuals® bareMinerals® Original Foundation SPF 15: $26.00
Personally, I tend to forgo foundation and powder. However, sometimes we need a little extra coverage. And a little extra SPF is never a bad thing either. I really like this product because not only does it feel like you have nothing on, but it provides excellent coverage. A little really does go a long way, and since it’s made of natural pure, crushed minerals it won’t go bad, so it will honestly last you indefinitely, (I’m talking years here).

You can find all of these products at

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