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Midnight Conspiracy

Chicago is often referred to as the “birthplace of house music,” and Midnight Conspiracy continues to carry this on. Project Captured was lucky enough to catch up with the three members of Midnight Conspiracy and see how they view the electronic dance music scene in the past, the present, and the future. Having recently debuted in 2010, Midnight Conspiracy is quickly rising to the forefront of the world’s DJs and represents the Chicago roots of electronic dance music.

Graham Geren, Louis Kha, and Mikul Wing are the trifecta known as Midnight Conspiracy. Originally porn milf linking up due to a common interest of indie/electronic music, along with a thirst for partying, Midnight Conspiracy has come a long way. Officially debuting in January 2010, with releases such as their remix of Chromeo’s “Night by Night,” this talented group has come nowhere close to stopping their rise to fame. Accumulating quite a bit of credibility along the way, Midnight Conspiracy has come to headline local Chicago venues such as The Mid Night Club, and even local festivals such as North Coast Music Festival. Stemming from multiple appearances on the Hype Machines Top 5, track appearances on BBC Radio 1, and appearances at festivals such as Ultra Music Festival, the talent behind Midnight Conspiracy continues to pave the way for aspiring Chicago DJs.

W cartoon porn videos hen we here at Project Captured asked Midnight Conspiracy’s Louis Kha how they plan on keeping up with their own rise to fame, he simply said, “Chicago has good Djs.” For Midnight Conspiracy, this is enough motivation. Chicago is a city quickly emerging on both a national and international level and there is a lot of competition. It can be seen through the current rise of the electronic music genres that it would require an artist, or group of artists, to really try and stay on top of their game. Graham Geren himself said, “we want to make something timeless.” Creating something “timeless,” can’t be easy – but, Midnight Conspiracy continues to impress with singles such as “Discord.” Discord itself being a tune that definitely was “not dated in six months,” to quote Geren.

Spending time hoping from venue to venue, and city to city is nothing new to Midnight Conspiracy. They seem to take their influence with them wherever they go. Initially standing in the crowd supporting other artists like Darkwave Disco (one of their influences), Midnight Conspiracy is now on the other side of the spectrum – spinning for all of the fans and hopefuls that hope to one day be in their position. Midnight Conspiracy does what they can for the crowd, and this is always above and beyond expectations. Their set at The Mid incorporated tracks from artists such as DJ Chuckie, Tommy Trash, Zedd, and other electronic dance music gurus. Influence is important to Midnight Conspiracy externally in two ways. Firstly how they are inspired by other artists, new and old – explaining how they are also influenced by many “classical composers.” Secondly through a desire to spread the love to all of those who support them. Playing local venues and mature milfs festivals is one way they do this. “Bringing melancholy to the masses,” is one way Graham Geren described this.

Chicago is a city that will continue to makes way in the electronic dance music scene. Artists like Midnight Conspiracy plan to help Chicago in its rise to fame with their own contributions. Chicago has shown that it has love for bass, and Midnight Conspiracy even said themselves, “we love the heavy shit.” Hopefully (and not too many people doubt it) they will continue to rise in the ranks of the world’s best DJs. After their recent performances in Chicago, I don’t think we will have to wait long until they bring Chicago to the very top. Just recently during their 2012 Lollapalooza set, they brought a new element into the world of electronic dance music. During the debut of their newest track, “The Eye,” they brought out the French horn and violin, which added a live performance element to their already bass heavy set. 2012 is undoubtedly going to be a year of electronic, and with new elements like Midnight’s up-and-coming “Eye Live – Laser Lightshow,” which incorporates a 15′ tall LED DJ booth in the shape of the soon to be ever-classic Eye of Providence logo, it might just be what puts them over the top.

Music Captured with Midnight Conspiracy – Written by Jeremy Gruszka, Images by Christopher Free
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If you have not heard it yet (which will be very disappointing) – “Discord”


Here it is on Soundcloud. “Discord”

This one, “The Eye,” is Midnight’s latest alongside their co-conspirator and side product, Cenob1te. This one has already lesbian videos climbed to #2 on the Beatport Dub chart.

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