Rock & Republic at Kohl’s Department Stores?


Can this be true? Is the porn milf infamous Rock & Republic logo now on the shelves at Kohl’s Department Stores?




I remember purchasing my first (and only) pair of “R lesbian porn &R” jeans for nearly $200.00. This is mind blowing to think about after finding out that Rock & Republic’s rock and roll style can now be bought at a local department store for roughly $80.00. This sounds unreal, but maybe that is because I am cringing at the fact that I once paid such a high price for the brand. In early February, Rock & Republic put on an excellent show in New York City, while on February 10th, Kohl’s celebrated the launch of Rock & Republic’s placement on store shelves. The line still holds a hardcore rocker edge, with studded seams and slick jeans, but will this new positioning and placement of the product change the way Rock & Republic fans view the brand? It looks like we will have to wait and see.


Check out the new videos Kohl’s and Rock & Republic released!




Kohl’s new advertisement: