TJ’s Top 10- Acoustic covers

In the age of Youtube and all that crazy SEO jive, acoustic covers have become sort of a rite of passage. These are my favorite. The rules- the song has to be acoustic, and a cover of a different band. Simple enough, right? Now get down with these tasty jams.

1. Bayside- Megan (originally by The Smoking Popes)

2. Circa Survive- Wish You Were Here (originally by Pink Floyd)

3. celebrity nudes Real Friends- Mixtape (originally by Brand New)

4. Saosin- Time After Time (originally by Cyndi Lauper)

5. Taking Back Sunday- Just Like Heaven (originally by The Cure)

6. Yellowcard- ET (originally by Katy Perry)

7. Balance and Composure- Big Mouth Strikes Again (originally by The Smiths)

8. Andy Hull- Ghost In This House (originally by Alison Krauss)

9. Boyce Avenue- I Miss You (originally by blink-182)

10. Kevin Devine- Jesus Christ (originally by Brand New)


Have your own personal  favorites? Post them.